Cookies Policy

What are Cookies?
As Cookies this Cookies Policy, and the Terms of Service as a whole, understand electronic data, such as standard cookies, session storage, local storage, etc., stored on the Visitors' devices, such as, for example, computer, phone and/or a tablet, send to those devices by the Service.
In what manner Cookies are used in the Service?
The Service uses the Cookies to ensure its proper functioning. Using of the Service without changing the browser's settings with respect to Cookies means that the electronic data from the Administrator and its Trusted Partners sent through the Service shall be stored in the device's memory.
What is the purpose of using Cookies in the Service?
Cookies allow the Service, among other things, to ensure security, introduction of functionality of Account registration and logging in by Users, remembering those logons throughout sessions, remembering of choices of Visitors, maintainig statistics and personalization of Service's features and marketing content included therein.
What are the kinds of Cookies used in the Service?
The Service uses Cookies, which, based on their purpose, can be divided into three categories: indispensable, statistical and marketing. Using of the Service means the acceptance of the indispensalbe Cookies. A Visitor is free to not consent to using by the Service of statistical and marketing Cookies.
With respect to the period of storage Cookies can be divided into two kinds: session and periodic. The session Cookies are erased after closing of the web browser, and periodic Cookies remain on the device of the Visitor for a specified period. Both kinds of Cookies are used by the Service.
Can I not consent to using of Cookies?
During first visiting of the Service, as well as in any other moment, the Visitor may refuse its consent to receiving of statistical and/or marketing Cookies from the Service.
Furthermore, in the web browser's settings there is a possibility of management of receiving of the Cookies.