Privacy Policy

Which entity is the administrator of the personal data?
The administrator of the personal data gathered in the Service with the meaning of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) is the Administrator, i.e. Warsaw Digital Sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Warsaw.
Who are the Trusted Partners of the Administrator?
In this Privacy Policy, as well as in the Terms of Service as a whole, entities rendering to the Administrator the services of data hosting, email and phone messaging, map generation, statistics, and cooperating with the Administrator with regard to marketing content are considered Trusted Partners.
What kinds of personal data are gathered by the Administrator?
The registration of an Account in the Service requires provision of an email, phone number and password, and furthermore a first name in case of the Private Account or a business name in case of the Business Account. Invoice issuance may require provision of additional data.
Furthermore, the Administrator may gather data regarding Service's Visitors regarding their behavior in the Service, their location and kinds of devices used during visiting the Service.
The data referred to above is hosted on the servers of entites providing hosting services to the Administrator.
What kinds of personal data are available publicly?
With each added Announcement the phone number of its Announcer and furthermore the Announcer's first name in case of the Private Account or a business name in case of the Business Account are available publicly.
By what means the Administrator gathers the personal data?
The Administrator gathers personal data acquired from the Users at the Account registration and changing Account data, and, from the Visitors through anonymised, combined analysis of their behaviour through usage of - among others - technologies reffered to under the Cookies Policy.
What is the purpose of gathering of the personal data by the Administrator?
The Administrator gathers personal data to:
enable usage of the Service, including, among others, adding Announcements,
ensure safety of the Users, Announcers, Visitors and the Service,
to maintain statistics,
adjust marketing content to Visitors' preferences, and
enable electronic payments.
Is the personal data transferred to third parties?
To fulfill purposes referred to under Point 6 of this Privacy Policy, the personal data gathered by the Administrator may be transferred to the Trusted Partners.
The Administrator and the Trusted Partners may provide the public authorities with the personal data in the cases envisioned by the law.
What is the scope of this Privacy Policy with respect to redirects?
In case in which the Service includes redirests (links) and/or Announcers include in their Announcements redirects to websites other than the Service, the Visitor following such a redirect acknowledges that this Privacy Policy is not applicable to those websites, and data processing is governed by the terms and conditions envisioned by the rules relevant to those websites.
What are my rights with respect to my personal data?
With respect to your personal data you have, among others, the rights of:
objection to the processing,
demanding processing restriction,
demanding its erasure,
withdrawal of the consents, and
The execution of the abovementioned rights does not affect the past processing, and, furthermore, may be connected with limitation of the Service's functionality, such as, among others, Account possession and adding Announcements.
The abovementioned rights are exercised through sending a letter to the Administrator's correspondence address or an email to with indication of the rights being executed.
Is personal data transferred outside of EEA?
With the purposes referred to under Point 6 of this Privacy Policy, the Administrator employs the services of Trusted Partners with registered offices within the European Economic Area and/or in the United States. Therefore, the personal data may be transferred outside of EEA. The guarantees of the proper protection of the personal data by the Trusted Partners with their registered offices in United States are based, among others, on the obligations of those entities to apply standard contractual clauses approved by the Commission of the European Union and the participation in the Privacy Shield program.
How long the personal data is stored by the Administrator?
The personal data is stored by the Administrator for the period not surpassing the period of limitation with respect to relations connecting the Administrator with a given person.