Published on January 12th, 2022.Last updated on January 12th, 2022.

How to Add an Apartment or House Rent Listing on Facebook?

It should be undisputed that social media and Facebook especially can be a very powerful tool for finding a lessee for an apartment or house. The numerous Facebook real estate groups are an evidence of that (for Warsaw groups see here). However, the following question is still open: How to add an apartment or house rent listing on Facebook? You'll find the answer in this article.

In principle there are three ways of adding an apartment or house lease announcement on Facebook:

  • adding the announcement on one of the real estate sites and sharing it thereafter,

  • adding the announcement on Facebook Marketplace, and/or

  • adding the announcement as an ordinary Facebook post.

Sharing the announcement link from one of the real estate sites

The solution which allows to kill two birds with one stone is adding the announcement on one of real estate listing sites such as Facebook thereafter.

The are two main advantages of such a solution:

  • firstly, the announcement is simultaneously being added in two places - on the site and on Facebook - which increases the chances of effective property rental, and

  • secondly, adding the announcement on a real estate site allows for its easier structuring through using the site's form.

Should you decide to add the rent announcement on one of real estate listing sites or you have done it already you can now share it on Facebook in two ways:

  • through clicking the Facebook icon available at the announcement and following the guidelines indicated thereafter, or

  • through copying the url to the announcement and pasting it on Facebook in the field "What's on your mind?" or through creating a post on one of the Facebook groups using that link.

Adding the announcement on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a place in which you can publicly make available announcements - including apartment or house lease announcements.

To add an announcement click the "Marketplace" icon on the main page of Facebook or go to Facebook Marketplace and thereafter click "Create new listing", and subsequently the icon "Home for Sale or Rent".

Adding the announcement as an ordinary post

If you don't want to add the announcement on one of real estate listing sites, nor Facebook Marketplace, you can add the offer in the form of an ordinary Facebook post: