Taking into account a vast amount of properties for lease - including apartments - and an extensive competition in this field it should be ensured that the lease offer of our apartment does not drown in the sea of others but rather bear fruit of swift finding of an appropriate lessee. Here you'll find out how to do this!


There are many elements that comprise a good real estate lease offer. To write a good apartment rental announcement:

  • ensure the good first impression and aesthetics,

  • provide the area and number of rooms,

  • determine the appropriate price,

  • highlight the apartment's advantages, and

  • describe the available amenities.

Ensure the Good First Impression and Aesthetics

Good impression apartment vs bad impression apartment

A cliché is stating that people often make decisions about something within the first seconds from the time of their first contact with it. It's not different when it comes to the apartment rent offer. If the announcement does not make a good first impression it will often be bypassed by the person perusing the offers.

How to ensure that our announcement makes a good first impression? There are several elements that are vital with that regard:

  • First picture - it is a first element with which a person searching for an apartment has a contact as it's often the only graphic element visible on the list of announcements. If on this stage an announcement does not make a good first impression it might just be omitted. The first picture should be of good quality and present the strongest point of the property being leased such as a new or renewed building, a beautiful living room or any other room.

  • Quality of pictures - the pictures should be a) in an appropriate resolution, b) without distortions, c) bright, and d) fully presenting the real estate being leased,

  • Neatness on pictures - it is vital to present the property being leased in the best light - literally and figuratively. If the apartment on pictures does not present itself neatly and brightly then such a picture should be built in the mind of a person perusing the announcement - irrespective of the actual quality of the apartment. Therefore, before making pictures the apartment should be groomed and tidied up.

  • The time of pictures - the pictures should be made in the appropriate time and - what was already indicated - in the appropriate light. It does not only mean the appropriate time of a day but even of a year! If in the vicinity of our apartment we have a beautiful park which we want to present as an advantage then making a picture during a spring or a summer season - instead of autumn or winter - should bear the best results.

Provide the Area and Number of Rooms

Apartment cross section with area & rooms

The area of a real estate is an important element for people searching for a property to lease and sometimes the deciding factor. However, informing about area might be equally important or even less important to informing about the number of rooms. A studio flat with the area of 40 sqm might be for some more or less attractive than a two-rooms apartment with the are of 35 sqm. Therefore, both pieces of information - the meterage and the number of rooms - should be included in the announcement.

Determine the Appropriate Price


The market for apartments for rent is often a very competitive market in which lessees can pick and choose among many offers. Determining the appropriate - competitive - price in juxtaposition to the apartment's advantages such as the meterage, the number of rooms, its location, and amenities can have a colossal importance in finding a lessee.

A question should be asked: Is it better to search for a lessee for a longer time who shall agree to a higher monthly price and risk months in which the property does not bring any income or rather lease faster but for a lower price.

Highlight the Apartment's Advantages

Apartment's advantages

The pictures, price, area, or the location is not all. The apartment can also stand out due to its special features which should be mentioned in the announcement. Maybe the apartment comes with a storage area, or a parking space, or maybe it has a beautiful vista, a big balcony or a loggia? All qualities increasing the usable value of the apartment should be covered in the rental listing.

Describe the Available Amenities

Apartment's amenities

It might happen that for a given lessee one of the factors deciding for or against leasing of a given apartment are available amenities. Therefore it shall probably be easier to lease an apartment that comes with a good fridge, kitchen utensils, tv set, or furnitures. If your apartment which you want to lease is well equipped absolutely write about this in the announcement.


warsawlease.pl makes it available to add real estate lease announcements that include all above elements - pictures, meterage, number of rooms, monthly price, features, amenities, and other.